Ryerson University

Master of Architecture (MArch) – About the Program – Architects today operate in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. In addition to possessing strong technical skills, the architectural profession requires strong, independent, critical thinkers, who nonetheless are comfortable acting in an increasingly collaborative industry. As issues around the nature environment increase in importance, architects must be willing and able to take on leadership roles within society. By focusing on a critical study of architectural practice, both in its contemporary forms and in its future potential, Ryerson’s program will provide students with the opportunities for intellectual growth needed to develop these leadership faculties. The program is a two-year, six-semester, studio-based course of study designed for students with a strong technical background in architecture. The Master’s Program in Architecture offers preparation for entry into the profession of architecture to students admitted with an undergraduate degree in architectural science (B. Arch. Sci.) or its equivalent. It is a professionally-oriented program with a strong research component. The intellectual development of the student is understood as key not only to his or her academic success, but also to his or her success as a professional operating in the increasingly demanding, research-intensive world of architectural practice in the twenty-first century. To this end, the program has been formed around the themes of critical practice; collaborative and future practice; and research practice.