Applicant who has been granted provisional certification may, within thirty days of receiving the provisional certification decision, request a reassessment of his/her file at no fee, if new evidence could be provided. A written request should be sent to the CACB along with the NEW supporting documentation not previously submitted.


Applicant whose application for certification has been refused may, within sixty days of receiving notice of refusal request the Board to review the decision.  The applicant must make a written request for a review by the Board, setting out the reasons for appeal with supporting documentation where appropriate, and pay the required fees.

A notice of appeal should be addressed to:
President of CACB
710 – 1 Nicholas Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 7B7

The Board will consider such a request at its next regular meeting.  The Board will review the request so received and may:

  1. refuse the appeal request;
  2. refer the case back to the Assessment Committee; and
  3. defer judgment pending the receipt of additional information from the applicant.