The Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB-CCCA) works with Canadian Schools of Architecture and individuals to ensure that all persons who apply to a provincial/territorial architectural association meet educational standards. Additionally, the Board works with broadly experienced foreign architects who wish to apply for licensure to ensure their education and experience meets Canadian standards. The Board accomplishes these tasks through a volunteer Board of Directors and volunteer committees and paid administrative staff.

The Executive Director is designated by the Board of Directors as Privacy Officer. He or she has the responsibility and accountability to the Board of Directors to ensure that the privacy of information provided by individuals and Schools of Architecture is maintained within the Board office, and when information is shared with provincial/territorial architectural associations, volunteers, and third parties.

Information Collected and How it is Used

Personal information are collected from Schools of Architecture and individuals for the purpose of evaluating a School or individual to ensure they meet Canadian Standards.

Examples of information used to evaluate a School or individual are:

  • Academic transcripts, Degrees, Licenses and resumes of professional practice
  • Names and contact information of students who are enrolled or have graduated from a professional program in architecture
  • Proprietary information regarding the organization and conduct of an Architectural program of a School of Architecture
  • Personal information required to identify and communicate with an individual.

CACB-CCCA may use personal information and website visit history to generate statistics and aggregate reports for internal use as well as to extend service offerings via electronic means.

There are other areas of the CACB-CCCA’s website where personal information can be entered in order to benefit from CACB-CCCA’s programs and services:

  • A question can be posed through the “Contact Us”. Information collected is used simply to respond to inquiries.
  • When filling in an online survey on CACB-CCCA’s site, contact information is requested in order to follow up, if necessary, based on responses.
  • Certification of educational qualifications can be applied for. Contact details and other pertinent information entered on application forms, will be used to set up candidates files and facilitate contact them when needed to process their files.
  • When logging in to the Members Only section of the CACB-CCCA’s website, last name and membership number is requested to determine eligibility to use its resources.

When visiting CACB-CCCA on the Internet, certain technical information from the visiting computer’s web browser is collected. This information includes the domain name and IP address of the visitor, the amount of time spent on the site by a visitor, the pages visited and returned to, the operating system and web browser software used, and the referrer Website. These server logs do not contain any personal information and can only be accessed by CACB-CCCA and its web-hosting provider. Server log files are used solely to track visits to the CACB-CCCA site and improve the content and layout of the site.

CACB-CCCA makes no attempts to link this traffic information to the individuals visiting its site. CACB-CCCA’s site visitors must accept cookies through their browser in order to use certain functions such as the search engine. A cookie variable is assigned at log in and is placed on a visitor’s computer for programming purposes only. This is a temporary or session cookie that uniquely identifies a visitor as he/she moves from page to page on this site. For certain functions, it ensures that specific areas of the Website are properly logged into. For the search engine, it is used to remember the key words you are using to find information on the site. A cookie may also be used to store language preferences. Cookies containing personal information are destroyed as soon as a browser is closed and are never redirected to any other servers.

Reasons for Data Collection

The information is used for the following purposes:

  • By CACB-CCCA staff for the purposes of verifying information and preparing materials for volunteer committee and panel discussions;
  • By volunteer committees, panels and assessment teams for the purpose of evaluating whether the Canadian standard is being met;
  • By the Board of Directors for the purpose of auditing the work of volunteer committees, panels and assessment teams, and to evaluate whether an appeal is warranted;
  • Aggregation of information for statistical purposes;
  • To provide information, products, services and programs that respond to specific interests and needs;
  • To respond to questions or concerns; and
  • To meet legal requirements.

This information is required to positively identify an individual, evaluate their academic background and/or experience in architecture, and communicate with them. Information collected from Schools of Architecture is used to provide background information for volunteer assessment teams, and provide a continuing record of criteria used to ensure schools are meeting the Canadian standards.

The CACB-CCCA considers the act of making an application to the CACB-CCCA to be consent to collect, retain and utilize information contained in the application and any subsequent communications. However, in the interests of transparency, wherever possible the CACB-CCCA will explicitly ask for consent before collecting personal information, and ensure that access to this privacy policy is provided before consent is requested. If the purposes for the use of information collected or retained by the CACB-CCCA change, consent will be requested by the Board for the new purpose.

Disclosure and Retention of Information

The personal information provided to the CACB-CCCA through its website is NEVER disclosed to any third parties without the knowledge and consent of the person whose information is provided.

  • If consent is granted to being listed in the online Certified Architects Directory, contact details are available only to CACB-CCCA members on encrypted web pages.
  • CACB-CCCA must release personal information if required to do so by law.

The information provided is stored in secure databases only for the duration of a person’s relationship with CACB-CCCA as a customer or member. If CACB-CCCA is contacted with a question or comment, any information regarding identification is only kept long enough for to allow the provision of a response, unless there is a requirement to keep it for a longer period of time, in which case notify is given.

All or selected information is or may be disclosed to the following persons or groups:

  • Staff of the CACB-CCCA
  • The Board of Directors
  • Volunteer committees, panels and assessment teams
  • CACB-CCCA’s members (Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture & Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities)
  • Third parties under contract to the CACB-CCCA who have agreed to abide by this privacy policy.

Information provided is retained in both electronic and paper based formats. Information is securely stored on computer systems under the control of the CACB-CCCA, at the CACB-CCCA offices, or at a secure third party storage location. Information is safeguarded from theft or loss both at CACB-CCCA offices and at secure third party storage locations.

Information concerning an individual is retained for the life of the individual, or 100 years, whichever comes first. Information concerning a School of Architecture is retained until 100 years after the School ceases to function.

CACB-CCCA strives to provide the most secure transmission environment possible. To secure the transfer of any personal information, such as credit card details and Usernames and Passwords, CACBCCCA utilizes a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Server managed by its web-hosting provider. Thus, all personal information is submitted via secure pages, such that it is encrypted while being transmitted to CACBCCCA’s secure server. CACB-CCCA’s web-hosting provider follows the industry’s best practices in securing its clients’ data.

Information entered anywhere else on CACB-CCCA’s website is transmitted to CACB-CCCA’s servers unencrypted, using standard Internet protocol (HTTP). There are inherent risks of interception when communicating with others online without encryption.

Accuracy of the Information and Access to It

Individuals and Schools of Architecture are responsible for the accuracy of information provided to the CACB-CCCA. Individuals or the chairperson of a School of Architecture may request access to their information by contacting the Privacy Officer. Proof of identity will be required before information is released. Individuals and Schools of Architecture will have access to all information provided by them, but will not have access to information contributed by CACB-CCCA Staff, volunteer committees, panels or assessment teams as part of the evaluation process.

CACB-CCCA will only seek independent verification of credit card information supplied when making a purchase. CACB-CCCA should be advised if contact details have changed to ensure awareness of up-todate the products and services offered, and to avoid interruption in communications. To change information, have information removed from CACB-CCCA’s databases, CACB-CCCA should be contacted via e-mail at

The CACB-CCCA will process requests for access and updating of information as quickly as possible, and will notify an individual if a request will take more than 30 days to be processed. Individuals may at any time challenge the accuracy of the information retained, and may request correction of information by providing updated information by postal or electronic mail to the Privacy Officer.

Any concerns with regard to the use, retention, or accuracy of personal information should be provided to the Privacy Officer by postal or electronic mail. Decisions made by the Privacy Officer with regards to personal information may be appealed to the Board of Directors by requesting an appeal by postal or electronic mail to the CACB-CCCA office. The decision of the Board of Directors will be considered final.

CACB-CCCA takes full responsibility for the management and confidentiality of the personal information it collects through its website. Any concerns about CACB-CCCA’s adherence to its Privacy Policy or about its information-handling practices, should be directed to CACB-CCCA’s Privacy Officer at or in writing to:

Privacy Officer
Canadian Architectural Certification Board
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 710
Ottawa, ON
K1N 7B7

Expressed concerns will be addressed in a timely manner. By establishing and publishing this Privacy Policy, CACB-CCCA is pledging its continued commitment to protecting the information provided to it. CACB-CCCA’s information-handling practices are reviewed regularly to ensure adherence to its Privacy Policy.