CACB International Policy

The CACB has the objective to increase the opportunities for the export of Canadian architectural services through: achieving and maintaining mutual recognition agreements; demonstrating excellence of the Canadian quality assurance systems for university-based architectural education and the Canadian architectural licensing and registration system; promoting fairness and equitability of Canadian licensing, registration and accreditation processes; participating in international for accreditation and recognition of international credentials, such as the INQAAHE ((International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education), the CQAHE (the Center for Quality Assurance in Higher Education), etc.; and in partnership with its members, negotiating such mutual recognition agreements that would facilitate market entry for Canadian architects abroad, as well as professional settlement for internationally trained architects in Canada.

The CACB seeks to play a leadership role in promoting Canadian systems of quality assurance in architectural education and licensure, and to assist countries in the process of establishing similar systems of their own.