CACB 2015-2016 Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Following its biannual Board meeting held on 20-21 November 2015, the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) is pleased to announce its 2015-2016 Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The CACB welcomed the new Directors: Terrance Galvin PhD, MRAIC, Rod Kirkwood NTWA, Architect AIBC, MRAIC, and Derek Wong, and thanked those whose term has ended: Anne Cormier OAQ  and Sean F. Rodrigues Architect AIBC, MRAIC.  Odile Roy OAQ has been reappointed for three years  term.

The CACB expressed to  Anne Cormier OAQ  and Sean F. Rodrigues Architect AIBC, MRAIC its deepest appreciation for the tremendous work they have contributed with during their terms.

During this meeting, the following Executive Committee was voted in:

  • President: Colin Ripley OAA ;
  • Vice-President: Thérèse LeBlanc NSAA, FRAIC
  • Secretary: Odile Roy OAQ; and
  • Treasurer: Ted Maciurzynski MAA

The 2015-2016 CACB Board of Directors consists of:

  • Colin Ripley   OAA 
    Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture (CCUSA)-Fall 2016
  • Thérèse LeBlanc NSAA, FRAIC
    Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA) – Fall 2017
  • Odile Roy OAQ
    CALA –CCUSA Fall 2018
    Ted Maciurzynski MAA
    CALA – Fall 2016
  • Janna Levitt OAA, FRAIC
    CALA-CCUSA- Fall 2016
  • Terrance Galvin PhD, MRAIC
    CCUSA – Fall 2018
  • Rod Kirkwood NTWA, Architect AIBC, MRAIC 
    CALA – Fall 2018
  • Peter Sampson  MAA, OAA, MRAIC 
    CCUSA-CALA-Fall 2017
  • Robert Levit
    CCUSA – Fall 2017
  • Derek Wong
    Canadian Architecture Students Association (CASA) – Fall 2017