Academic Certification

CACB’s Certification confirms the individual’s academic qualifications compliance with the Canadian Education Standard (CES) in Architecture for entry to the profession.

CACB works on the behalf of the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA) to assess educational qualifications of individuals holding professional degrees or diplomas in architecture against the Canadian Educational Standard requirements.

CACB grants and issues Certification to applicants who meet the Education Standard and maintains a National Register of those certified and confidential records of all pertinent documentation for all applicants.

The CES assesses academic qualifications against the following six subject areas:

1. General education and electives
2. History of architecture and human behaviour
3. Environment
4. Design and graphic communications
5. Technical systems
6. Knowledge and the profession

To find out under which Mode of Certification applies to you, please click  here.
Then, click here to apply.

Before applying, you can check with us if we have  your Course Calendar in our data base, which is one of the required supporting documentation to be included in your application. If we do, then you won’t need to provide it. Just print the page indicating that and include it with other documents then . Click here to find out.