The CACB held a successful conference on September 26-27, 2014 in Saint-Sauveur, Québec under the Theme: ”Educating Future Architects’’, with the objective of conducting a deep and a rigorous review on how architectural education is adapting and anticipating changes in the discipline and in the profession.

The Board recognizes that this has required great dedication and effort on all participants’ part, who have contributed considerably to the overall success of this important event, and it is deeply appreciative. To that extent, the Board would like to:

  • thank the Organizing Committee and the Staff for their tremendous work for the preparation of this National conference;
  • thank the individuals and groups who submitted position papers;
  • extend its sincerest gratitude to the Delegates for the commitment and remarkable work displayed during the two days of the Conference; and
  • express to Intersol Group its appreciation for the excellent work done in preparing and facilitating the conference.

After the Conference, the CACB captured in a Report (Proceedings Report) the essence of all discussions that took place.  The Report will serve as a background reference as the CACB continues to work towards recommendations for improving the education of Canadian architects. Please, click here to read the report and its preamble.

Pictures from the Conference
During the two-day conference, we took some pictures that demonstrate the delegates’ commitment. Click here to see more.