Welcome to the Canadian Architectural Certification Board

Welcome to the Canadian Architectural Certification Board

Since 1976, the CACB has been the first point of contact for graduates from professional programmes in architecture in Canada and abroad, who plan to become licensed architects in Canada.

The CACB is the sole organization recognized by the architectural profession in Canada to:

  • Assess the educational qualifications of architecture graduates
  • Accredit professional degree Programs in architecture offered by Canadian Universities
  • Certify the professional qualifications of Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects .

If you are a recent graduate from a university programme in Architecture, we welcome you and encourage you to browse our site, especially the Academic “Certification” webpage section. If you are an experienced internationally trained architect seeking licensure/registration in Canada, we encourage you to browse the Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects (BEFA) webpage section to understand the BEFA Program and the process that must be followed in pursuing this option.

If you are considering a career in architecture, please visit our “Accreditation” webpage, to browse through the web sites of the Canadian accredited University Schools of Architecture.

Moreover, we invite you to visit Architecture Canada (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada) website to better appreciate Architecture in Canada from both educational and practice perspective.

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CACB announces the 2015-2016 Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

CACB 2015-2016 Board of Directors and Executive Committee
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2014 CACB-CCCA Conference Report

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